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To be inspired, one needn't go anywhere or do anything in search of it. What is needed is the continuous perseverance. Continuous perseverance? Ok. Let me explain it in my own way. Continuous perseverance in my understanding is how we see every little thing through a positive lens. It also is about continuously drawing lessons from the past mistakes and preparing for a meaningful future. Inspiration is what makes a person to look beyond what lies within one's reach. 

You may take my example of how I get inspired through a seemingly little pinch when I was in the midst of drowning my hopes. Lately, due to various work stresses like not going the things in an expected way, not getting the attentions on what I feel I deserve has somehow disturbed my working patterns. I heavily lost my interest especially in writing after office. Did I tell you this, that I usually write my blog posts after I get home from the office? 
Anyway, after that one incident when I was least appreciated for…
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In love with the template!

It is easy how I fall in love! I need no big name, fame or whatever to fall in love. I simply fall in love with whatever that are simple, catchy and kinda raw.

I don't know if it may sound ridiculous to those who are typical in choosing what they want to have and what not. But excuse me, I fall in love with whatever that comes along my way!

I am not so choosy enough. Anything is fine with me. So, I love everything I have and everything I will have. 
However, at large, I love simplicity over beauty. I love raw over manipulations. And I also love whatever that catches my eyes first. 
Say like, I may click several pictures at one time. But I always love the first picture. It is same when I go for shopping. I may flip around many different stuffs but I always love that ‘one thing’ that made me visit that shop. 
So, yeah, it happened the same with my love towards the blog template. I frequently change my blog template to explore more on what lies beyond my lines. (It is convenient whe…

If i am to be like him...

On our break up,
Five years back,
He promised never to marry, if it is not me.
I felt bad,
With the tons of rumors,
If he has really loved me.
I cursed myself,
Drank and drugged,
To let him forget me.
Year passed,
The world almost forgot our stories,
But he still sent me the flowers.
I wondered high,
Over my decision,
If he is the one for me.
Another year passed,
But his love didn't waved,
He still sang for me in the night.
And finally,
My heart sore,
That it could resist no more.
I asked for the first time,
After our break-up,
That if he want us to get back together?
He didn't reply then,
My heart went mad,
Like i was literally dying.
I knew,
For the first time,
How hard it can be to left broken.
Seven days later,
My phone beeped with his message,
And it was a picture of a new born. 
"Cute baby!"
I replied,
Adoring that little lovely boy.
He thanked me on my comment,
I got confused,
Until he cleared that his wife got him a baby boy.
"What nonsense?"

The other side of writing!

My travelougue in

It is wonderful how my travelogue; where i have written my experience of traveling to Goa was beautifully published in the 

The is a travel blog by the pro-blogger Mr. Sherab Tenzin, who previously used to blog on It has been quite a month that ata Sherab has shifted his blog niche.

 You can see my travelogue at, particularly at Please do visit.

Ata Sherab has always been my savior in the blogging life. He always helps me to improve my blog works. Thank you Ata la.

Do subscribe at the to get the amazing travel stories. And also, please catch me at to get the newest updates on the celebrities world.