Sunday, April 30, 2017

2nd Part: 'That, my oddest Love story,,,'

..Story Continued...

Over some lame excuses like a coffee meet, or the evening walk or for the group discussion, Ray and i continued seeing each other.

My love for him grew more every time i saw him.

On the third Saturday of our first meet, he was wearing a black quarter pant with a white waist, which means his arms were cloth less. I noticed a faint tattoo on his left arm as we were walking along the local Street of some down town on the path to the city.

"Hey, excuse me. There is something on your arm." I said.

"What? Something? What is it?" He turned his shoulder to my side. I felt funny on how panic he has sounded.

I wipped off the little green insects crawling up his shoulder.

I took that chance to give quick study at the tattoo. It was written, 'love Laura' with a small heartshape at the end.]

"Thanks." He acknowledged. I gave a slight grin because i was already wondering about the tattoo thing?

"Laura? Who could be that person? His wife? First love? Or maybe his child?" A string of the possibilities made an unending chain in my mind.

By then, the sun has already set. We were walking along a little beach at the end of the town. The warm sea water constantly wetted our feet.

"Oops, my dress." I exclaimed, when a sudden strong sea waves reached till my knees and my long cotton skirt got completely soaked.

"Oh, i am sorry," said Ray and kneeled down to help me squeeze the water out.

"No, no. I can do myself." I turned out from him. I didn't want my respected crush to get down and help me dry my cloth, when all over sudden, i stepped onto a big beach bolder and collapsed down.
It was funny how i fell down. Ray laughed for so long before he sat down on the sand, close to me. I, out of embarrassment, didn't get up instantly but kept watching at the stars.

"Ray, have you ever made an attempt to count the stars?" I asked to forget my embarrassment.
"Huh, ahh, no. I haven't. And did you?" Ray forwarded back the question to me as he also lied down, on full rest like me, facing the sky.

"Well, i tried counting the stars once, when i was seven. I could count till 237 when the sky suddenly got gray and started raining. Since then, i never made the 2nd effort to count." I said.

"Alright then, should we count the stars now but only those stars surrounding us?"

I agreed. We counted in silence. And exactly after five minutes, we announced the numbers.
"112." He said.

"I got 114." I said.

We recounted, this time together and we got 113 stars that were surrounding us.

"High-five?" said Ray. "Both of us were very close in our first attempt.

I gave him High-five, clapping on his right palm with my left palm. And that moment, he took the chance to hold my hand. He continued keeping my palm inside his big grapse.

I felt good at the idea of holding one of his hand. I smiled a huge contending smile, inside.
"Zoe, i think i am falling for you."

"What?" I exclaimed a big sweet exclamation.

"I love you." He whispered in my ears.

A sudden rush of chill blood ran down from my heart to all over the body.

"Am in the dream? Is this man real? Am i hearing the right thing?" Another series of questions got piled up in my head.

"Ray?" I called his name. He responded a sweet response. I touched his face to confirm that i am not dreaming. And yes, i could feel him, the soft-tonned skin and a little hardy beards. He was real and that i wasn't dreaming.

"Ray," i called his name for the second time as he bent down and planted a gentle kiss on my forehead.

"Such a gentle man he is." I wanted to shout out, to let the world knows that this gentle man of 34 or 35 is cool enough to take all of my heart.

Meanwhile, Ray kissed me on my lips, slower at first and then fast, reaching to my tongue and teeth. Our breathing got heavier.

He climbed on top of me. The sky was roofing us, the sea waves our wall. He reached down to my breast and further down. I was already moaning hard as i helped him to unbotton his pant and he unzipped my bra.

Gently, he got inside me. I gave him my response. I said, "Ray, i love you too." And saw him smiling brightly. I wished that the same smile be planted on his face permanently.

After our happy exhaustion, we shared the cashew burger and the black wine that i was carrying in my handbag.

We shared the wine from the same bottle and bit-in the same berger. I was feeling so good at how intimate our relation has turned out.

"Should we just sleep here?" He suggested.

"Here? No. It will be freezing by the midnight. The temperature in the sea will exponentially drops down." I said.

"Don't worry. I will keep you warm." He assured.

Ray pulled me in his embrace, covering me well in between his broad shoulders. I slept listening to his heartbeats as he gently brushed down my hairs.

"Ting Tong..." The doorbell rang.

I was taking the afternoon shower after catching my lovely Ray for the Sunday lunch. Because, we were off on sunday, Ray and i were out in the city for the lunch.

"Ting Tong..." The doorbell rang again.

"Wait a minute." I shouted from the bathtub and quickly covered myself with my newly brought moron bathrobe. And reached to the door.

"Mam, here is a delivery for you." It was the boy in charged of the room service.

He handed me two shopping bags. I opened the first one.

"Oh. The dress!" I almost jumped with the excitement. It was the same silk dress with the rose patterned against the dark linings, the one i saw in the Oyster mall when i was going out with Rose.

"Are these from Rose?" I questioned myself wondering who could send me such a lovely dress that was beyond my affordability. It was $1500, half of my one month salary.

I opened the other bag. It had a white shoe.

"How beautiful." I exclaimed, as i was feeling and touching all parts of the shoe. It glittered, giving a diamond rays.

My phone alerted with an incoming message tone. I opened and yes, the message was from Ray. It read, "Hi honey, did you get the bags packed? It has a shoe and the dress. Wear them and catch me at 6:00pm. I will be in the lobby."

"My God, you were the one to send me all those? The dress was my favorite. How did you know to pick up that one?" I replied.

"Long story...I have been a pervert since i first saw you. I have been following you even in the malls. I saw you liking that dress. So, i picked that for you."

"So sweet. Thank you. I will catch you soon...ummahh." I sent him some kissing emoj.

"This dress? When did you buy?" Rose exclaimed asap she entered the room.

"Ray sent me." I announced proudly.

"Really. Did he? When? How did he know that you liked it?" She threw me a chain of questions.

"That's not important now. Instead, come and help me dress up."

Rose, my humble friend, helped me to dressed up. She made my hairs and also colored my eyes and even chose me the lip gloss. By the way, Rose had a huge dressing senses.

"Wow, i am sure Ray will be fainted to see you tonight." Rose said.

And just at the mention of Ray, i received another message from him, asking to bring along Rose.
I showed the message to her. Excited Rose did the quick make ups, wore her favourite sky blue knee length skirt and a shining high heel.

"You are prettier Rose." I said. She blushed.

The time was 5:45pm. Both Rose and i were ready for the appointment with Ray at 6. We had some 15 minutes left in our hand. So , Rose and i engaged in taking pictures of us from all the angles.
But my mind kept wondering about what could be the function that Ray has to call both Rose and me.

- - to continue...

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

1st Part: 'That, my oddest love story,,,'

"You look elegant." He said in an American accent.

"Me? No." I blushed out, all at once like i am a spotted guilty in a robbery court case. I lowered my face like a humble pet before his owner.

"C'mon. Stop acting cute." He rubbed over my hairs and turned off from my side to que for the lunch.

"Cute? Elegant? To me? Did he just say i look elegant? No. Am I dreaming now?"

"Hey Rose," i said to the girl standing next to me. "What did Mr. Ray just told me?"

"What?" She exclaimed with her eyes almost popping out. "Are you crazy?"

"I am serious Rose. Just tell what you just heard from him now."

"He said, you look elegant and also said you to stop acting cute." Rose said. "I don't know what the mess is going around here." She added.

"Thanks." I acknowledged her.

"Wow! I wasn't dreaming. Yes, Ray just came to me and said me i look elegant." I smiled a broadest inner smile.

That morning, Ray made the presentations on 'Evidencing the factual data with the narration.' Ray was a data analyst working in one of the top documenting institute. He was outsourced as a Resource Person to educate the forty of us who have gathered for that function.

As soon as Ray entered in, Rose exclaimed, "See that, his body. He is so fit for his age."

"I noticed it first." I wanted to tell her back. But i just nod at her remarks as i continued adoring his big hazel eyes, broadly curved lips and the gingerly colored hair that was perfectly combed to the left end.

He was wearing a sky blue collar shirt, grayish pant and a red-dotted black tie, giving the appearance of a movie star who has just dressed up to play the scene of a professionalized banker.

"How old could he be?" I asked Rose who has already drowned into taking the notes from his presentation slides.

"Huh? Well, i am not sure. Maybe 34 or 35." She said without looking at me.

"34 or 35? 15 years of age difference between us. But why my heart is not in peace at his sight? Why do i want to know more about him? Am i starting to like him? No, no way." 

"Focus Zoe. You are here to learn, not to find a man." I reminded myself.

After almost 20 minutes of Ray's presentation, we were intervalled for the next 15 minutes for the coffee break.

I took the last five minutes of the break to check my mail. There were 7 new mails. I opened the first one.

"Yeah." The mail was from Ray. It read, "See me at Cafe Ion at 5:00pm."

"What? Why do i need to see him? Why can't he talk to me now? Or is he asking me out? Oh no, he must have some works to share me or maybe he will help me more to analyse on my work case." A series of options filled my little brain.

Meanwhile, the moderator made the time-up announcement for the coffee break and reminded all the participants to resume back.

"Okay Sir. I will see you then." I typed and clicked the send button and closed down my laptop.

Yes, i agreed to see him after the session. Well, how can i actually deny that offer after all, he was the boss at work and my secret crush.

"Hey, i thought you aren't coming." He said standing up from the beautiful wooden chair.

"Sorry sir. I am late. It took a bit of time to freshen up."

"Oh no worries. I didn't wait long. The waiting just took 15 minutes of my life." He said and both of us laughed at how sarcastic he sounded to articulate that 'just 15 minutes.'

"By the way, you look beautiful." He continued, as he signaled me to take the opposite seat, facing him. I was wearing my favorite moron colored outer with the the brown sugar leggance.


"Okay. Not just beautiful but also simple, sweet, decent and...yea, you look amazing."

"Thank you. But i am enough of your parises now." I said back, giving rise to another round of laughter.

Meanwhile, the waiter arrived. He ordered for a cappuchinno with some vegetable burger. I ordered one strong coffee with less sugar.

In the cafe, we talked about almost all stuffs except our personal information.

At one point, i had the urge to ask if he is married because there wasn't any ring in his fingers. Silently, i wished him in to be still unmarried.

"Why do you want to ask about his marriage? Are you crazy? Don't be so desperate." I scolded myself, in my mind.

"Hey, you okay." He reminded me to the reality. "You look lost, now. "

"Huhh, yes, i am okay. I must be just tired." I replied but the truth was i was lost in his thoughts.

"Oh, okay then, please go and rest. I will see you tomorrow in this same spot at the same hour. Fine?"

I nodded. Actually i am so fond of nodding and agreeing with the person who owns my heart.

I bid him a good night, acknowledging for the good presentation and for the coffee.

Back in the room, i warned my heart to behave. I said, "Zoe, how is the thing called love be even possible when you are just 21 and he is 34 or 35? You are still growing but who knows your old crush may already have a child, or maybe two. Worst of all, Zoe you are Indian and he is American. There is no way that you can be with him unless some magic happens."

So, I sorted myself to be in the safer zone until the next morning when i saw him again, i was already wishing for the magic to happen or atleast the day to end soon and get us back to the cafe Ion.

- - - Continuable. Fiction.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Google Profile

Just Yesterday, as i was having the mail exchanges with my professor from College; Mr. Bhakta Shangshon, the man who is the reason of my everything in college and even after the college, he said me one wonderful thing. He said me to change my google-profile picture because i looked like a teenager in my existing picture. 

My existing profile picture
This was his sincere comment which everyone don't dare to even notice it well. But because my professor has the role to shape me and because he cares about me, he have noticed how my profile picture is appearing and thus has made his good comment over it. 

If i were to retrieve his exact lines, 'Change your profile photo in the email. You look like a high school student. You need to look matured now.' 

See, how nice his comment is! Yes, really, i need to look matured now despite the tiny physiques i am born with. 

You know, i am almost 24. But people around still says i look like a 8th or 10th graded student, which is though quite disappointing. I am working now but people still says 'Are you a student?' 

I really want to look matured because that's what my professor is saying me.  My professor has been more than just a professor especially after my College. He is my guide, mentor and the most, he is my friend. 

He initiates chat in the facebook, asking me if i have been doing good, if i am liking the work i am doing and suggesting me to appear the RCSE. So, he is more like a father and a friend to m. Thank you so much sir. 

And yes, i was scanning down my picture album but couldn't located one good picture that gave a matured looks, at least in my eyes. This could be because, in my mind, i am still so young. My attitude is young. The whole of me feels young though as i said earlier, i am soon going to be 24. 

Anyway, I have chosen the following image to be my profile picture. 

 My new profile picture

I don't know how long this picture will serve as the profile picture. But i am certain that i will get it changed as an when i could capture the old self-version. Thank you my professor. Please take care of yourself and i always will be your student. 


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Monday, March 13, 2017

No title

Again, it has been so long without any update on my blog. And here, I am with full of excuses to defend my failure to update it. 

The first in the list is ‘I have been busy!’ Alright, I have been busy. But this is just an excuse. No matter how busy the schedule is, I always used to get the time to write something about the event. However, this time, I didn’t get the time just because I didn’t strive to write. 

Well, in the serious note, I have been lazily busy over some little official events. The VC Validation workshop of CARLEP was followed by the AWPB preparation for the FY 2017-18 which is further been followed by the first RPIC meeting which was honored by the Dasho Dzongdas of the six Eastern Dzongkhags. 

I was actually planning to update about these three subsequent events. But just then, another important event came-in; the Graduate Farmers’ Dialogue which was honored by the Hon’ble Minister Lyoenpo Yeshey Dorji. In the address by the Lyoenpo, he said that it is a historic event where the University Graduates who have chosen to do the farming career have come into a single board. 

It would be quite an alarming news if I say that there is more than 3,000 educated farmers in the six eastern Dzongkhags alone, out of which hundreds are the University Graduates. While the Nation at large is moaning for the rise in youth unemployment, we do have an impressive number of youth who are into farming. But the saddest thing is nobody recognizes them. 

For the Graduate Farmers’ Dialogue, organized under CARLEP, we could gather only 22 of them who are a real aspirant University Graduate Farmers’. They have done the MBA, BBA, BSE, etc and etc from both National and International Universities just like many of us. But the one great thing about them is that they are ventured into the agricultural farming which is the least preferred job among us; especially the youth. 

Interacting with them was one exciting thing that I got, being the part of CARLEP. These graduate farmers’ are contended with their decision to stay back at village, help their parents are other village mates in moderating any modern information. They are serving as a bridge between the aid-providers and the receivers. However, some of them seems little-down with their decision. 

I was doing the registration. It had the column to reflect the designation. These graduate farmers were writing as a ‘Farmer’ in the designation column. I felt little odd because I am also a University Graduate. While I can write ‘Gender and Knowledge Management Officer’; the title Officer against my name, these group of people who also are a University Graduates wrote ‘Farmer’ against their name. 

As expected one of them said ‘having studied in the Universities, the title we earn at the end is Farmer.’ As you see, ‘Farmer’ is although the back-bone of the Nation, the title isn’t the much preferred one among us. He said 'I could have easily earned this title even without having had to go to the ECCD, forget about attending Universities'

Regardless of how and for what we are born, we wish to live well with a good name, position, fame and title.

Anyway, believe me, I am writing this in a short notice of maybe 30 minutes or less. I know this is fully unorganized. Accept the apology and thanks for reading. I hope I won’t take much time for the next update. You may also visit me at

Have a good day. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Highlights of my day on the #Gyelsey's# 1st Birthday.

Coinciding the 2nd day of the 1st year of Royal prince Jigme Namgyel Wangchuk #Gyelsey, I am pleased to say hello to my blogger friends there? Have you been doing good? I am doing fine.

Well, about today's post, i just wanted to share the brief highlights of day-before today. I am certain that you have done lots of precious things last day in the name of our adorable Gyelsey. Have you?  Yeah...I can feel you nodding. Some of you must have attended to some of the grant events dedicated to the birthday celebration of the Royal little Highness.

Royal Little Prince

I am at Mongar. Our big event for the day was planned at Gyelposhing, at the Gyeltshab Office. Six Eastern Dzongkhags (Mongar, Lhuentse, Trashigang, Trashiyangtse, Pemagatshel and Samdrup-jongkhar) have dedicated in the same event ground.

One of my office friend was there for the ground preparation for the last six days. And today when he returned back to the office, he was fully contended but with some alteration in his skin color. He has got darker. I and my senior staff  mocked him saying, his Girlfriend may leave him because he has become darker...LOL. He said he was in the sun doing the landscaping for the whole six days.

Landscaping at Gyelposhing

I was excited to attend that big event. But what a big bad luck! My head was into a huge numb. I couldn't get up early and missed the vehicle that was planned at 6:30 am. My neighbor woke me up but my head was still in deep pain.

When i finally woke up, it was already 10:30 am. My head was bit fine. I was late by a solid two hours. The program at the event ground was to start at 9:00 am. And the event ground is at 25 km away from my stay? What the hell? I don't have a car. Getting taxi is a rare occasion.

So, what now? Alright. I just killed my heart to attend the event. I offered my little prayers at home in the name of the 'Person of the day'; in the name of the #Gyelsey; the little Royal highness who is exactly turning a year old on the day.

I was happy again. I did the home chores. I knitted a sweater for my little sister for few hours. In the afternoon, i went into the woods as i always love walking in the woods and embracing with various plants. The passage to the woods had the beautiful hundreds of prayer flags and the raw-stone stupa.

Prayer flags and Stupa

And in the woods, what was different this time and what amazed me more  was the 'Full Bloom Rhododendrons." Rhododendro is a hard-wood. Maybe, the tree specialists will many more to say about Rhododendron. I just know that it is hard-wood.

With the dark red, some pink and a bell-like flowers, Rhododendron is the most beautiful wild flower. Unlike other flowers which blooms in the rain and spring, Rhododendron blooms in dry and winter.


At the touch of the flowers, I suddenly remembered one  of my childhood friend who said 'When you chew the flower, it will turn your tongue to a purple color.'

I chewed few petals. And yes, it was giving a purple color to my tongue. It tasted little sweet, little sour and little bitter. It is odorless. I am certain that the flower carries some herbal (medicinal) properties.

And about me, I am such a girl who always look to put any type of flowers in my hair. The Rhododendrons was so available that i tied my hair with some. It was pretty good. I loved that feeling of loving that moment.

I tied my hair with Rhododendron

And yes, in the meantime, i said this in my mind. I said 'Thank you God for giving me birth in harmonious Bhutan under the wise leadership of our Monarchs.' I prayed for the prosperity of our little adorable Gyelsey.

In the night, i have insta-posted some of the pictures in my instagram account. I captioned it as " When you are into the woods and that you can not only embrace but also tie your hair with the blooms. The feeling is amazing. Dedicated to the first birthday of the Royal Highness #Gyelsey#."

And the day has ended blissfully on the first year birthday of the Royal Prince: the heart, the gem, the pearl of the Nation!

Do share your moments on Gyelsey's birthday in the comment down to pay your tribute.

Thanking you.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Story of Wangmo and Tobgay continued...

"In the mental hospital, Wangmo was kept under the close observation of Dr. Kesper.

For the first few weeks, she didn't show any sign of improvement. She kept shouting, laughing, crying, all at once. She wouldn't listen for any medications. At one point, she turn on to a nurse, grabbed her by the hand and thew the syringe away from the window. Other patients who were also as filthy as her laughed, pointing towards her messy hair.

In another point, Wangmo jumped out her bed, calling the ward boy who has just came to clean the room as Tobgay. She knelt down on him, begging not to leave her. The surprised ward boy then never came again.

By the third week, the depressed Wangmo was almost into 50th dosage of sedative. That's how, the hospital could keep her under control, otherwise she would go making scenes, disturbing all other patients, referring everybody as Tobgay; the unseen man; the man behind her depression.

Dr. Kesper would examine her thrice a day. He would console Wangmo's husband who is still unaware of the things going inside Wangmo that everything is fine with her and that she just needed some good rests.

Well, as we say, time heals every wounds. Wangmo started getting fine, physically. She started making friend with other patients and Pem was the one.
Pem on other hand is a young, bold and beautiful girl who has survived the suicide attempt.
Prior to the suicide attempt and treatment in the mental hospital, Pem led a good life as a librarian. She had a pretty good life, loving parents and a circle of good friends and also a good numbers of boys wanting to own her.

But as days passes by, Pem started feeling restless. She felt tired over every tomorrow. She felt life is such a monotonous thing and that each day is like every other day. Getting up, cleaning, walking to the liberary, reading, snacking and walking back to home, she felt life isn't really exciting and adventurous. Thus, she ate two packets of sleeping pills one night. She thought, it will kill her and that she will not see another monotonous day.

But she woke up again but in the hospital, feeling the hot burns inside her heart. People thought she is mentally ill who has opted to end the life when she literally had everything in hand.
The depressed Wangmo who has minimized to call out 'Tobgay' would first weep and then fall asleep, listening to Pem's narration.

One afternoon, while Wangmo was still sleeping, Pem went to upstairs of hospital wards in the room which had a full sets of voilin. Playing voilin used to be her childhood dreams which is literally been murdered by her parents, who wanted her to be a lawyer.

And in that hospital's voilin room, it was exactly after thirteen years of her last touch with the voilin. There, she played it like no body cares, for the very long time, until she felt like she has recovered all the things that has lost in the past thirteen years.

Applauding to her play was a srephezonic Wangchuk, who can't talk.
Wangchuk before diagonosing with screphezonia was a son of powerful ambassador. While the ambassador wanted to succeeds his son to succeed him, Wangchuk wanted to become a painter. He dreamt of painting the heart of a paradise.

These two tempted controversies between son and a father finally ended with son suffering from screphezonia.

When Pem wanted to leave the room, Wangchuk wouldn't allow, signalling and begging her to play the voilin for some more time. And at that time, Pem is hopelessly falling in love for the first time to that good looking srephezonic.
The suicide survivor Pem and the srephezonic Wangchuk started sharing more times together.
One day, the depressed Wangmo saw the srephezonic Wangchuk brushing the hair of the suicide survivor Pem. A man lovingly brushing a woman's hair was triggered Wangmo to unconsciously gain her consciousness.

Like miracles happens in the Fairy tales, Wangmo could remember everything, everything about her loving husband, her lovely twins and her happy times with them. But nothing about 'Tobgay'.

She jumped, screamed, cried, all at one time but this time with happiness.
She immediately looked for Dr. Kesper. She wanted to prove that she is alright and that she can remember everything.

She begged Dr. Kesper to let her meet with her husband and her kids. But a divorce letter from her husband is all a Dr. could show her.

Stiffed and frozen, Wangmo's blood drenched out first from her cheeks and then from her lips, after saying 'while you may never get over with the first love affairs, it always ends.'
Wangmo returned back to calling Tobgay's name through the window by her bed side...

Suicide survivor Pem and schrephezonic Wangchuk got discharged, happily...

And then the 'unseen Tobgay' still couldn't be seen..."

Thanking you.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Why Keyboards in QWERTY...order?

Have you ever wondered like why the computer, typewritter and the phones' key board is in QWERTY....order? And why not in Alphabetical order?

Well, I have always wondered about it. But somewhere in the corner of my mind, I thought it works the best in this, QWERTY...order.

However, I was amazed to discover the amazing reason for not having the keyboard in Alphabetical order. And the reason is, it is to retard the typing speed. Confused?

Yeah, I was also confused first. And it's your turn now, to get confuse. LoL. But have patient. I am going to explain it.

And the explanation is, the first typing machine was invented by Christopher Scholes in 1873. The keyboard was in Alphabetical order.

However, it was found out that, when a person type the words very fast, the keys got stuck together and the machine stopped functioning. That's where, the QWERTY keyboard is been designed; to retard the typing speed. Amazing right?

Now, I hope I broke the confusion. Probably, you must have been fascinated? And yes, for that fascination, I took the trouble to type and share with you all from my QWERTY...keyboard.

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Thanking you.