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Happy for him

I've never been happier this way, I mean not this way, the way I felt happy at the news of him fathering a child... Sherab Tenzin, the founder of has been my inspiration and saviour in my blogging journey for the last more than a year. While I respectfully call him 'ata', he affectionately call me 'ausa'. We are more like a real brother and a sister who are bonded over our shared passion in 'blogging'. This may be a cliche but this is my submission that ata Sherab has always been a reliable person to whom I share every little problem I face in blogging. No one knows better than him of how limited knowledge I had on blogging when I first opted to start a self-hosted blog at With his immense kindness and guidance, I am proud to reveal that my blog is at a presentable shape now. To literally reiterate, ata Sherab is equally approachable and down to earth. He is too humble to the extent that he even share me the amount in his adsense…
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Loving the shape of him!!!

When I first listened the Ed Sheeren's 'shape of you' earlier this year, I found it quite odd.
"How is falling in love even possible just beacuse of their shape of the body?"
But you know, I liked that song so much so that I even mugged up the whole lyrics which is very unlikely of me. One time,  my phone had only one song and that was the 'shape of you.'
I listened to it from home to office, office to home, in the kitchen, in the shower and almost everywhere. I also had set it as the alarm ring tone.
However, I couldn't relate myself to the song and to the idea of falling in love just because of the shape of somebody.
"What good a good shape does in love?" I often questioned my inner self when I felt insane. "I can fall in love even with a crooked-shaped guy if he is nice."
Well, I've always been a kinda girl who presumed that love is all about a good heart. "For me, all that makes my knee go weak is when I see someone w…

Insanely shattered by the news of her death

Everything surely is uncertain but the death is, which I don't like it. Not at all. (Of course, nobody likes death.) It is cruel and fearful. It is mean and cunning. It doesn't have any sympathy and justice. It is just so selfish. It leaves back the people with betrayal and full of remorse. 

But, okay, calm down, there is no point putting blame on it. It will anyway never spare any one of us. It has no mercy how much ever we may pledge. 

However, you know, every time I hear about the death of someone, I feel totally bad and broken. Shattered infact. I curse this impermanence of the life. But there is nothing else that I can do except say a few lines of prayers in the name of the departed soul.  

This time, a few days ago, I saw a Facebook post of one of my friend who was moaning over her late mom. I couldn't resist it. It was too much for me to believe that her mom is no longer seeing this earth. I was so devastated.  

My friend, Neenda, we are of same age and from the same vi…

Why I wear full Kira?

Because I am an ordinarily born girl to a humble farmer family, I've always liked to wear half like every other girl. 
During those days in 2009, when I was studying in Mendrelgang Middle Secondary School, Tsirang, it was compulsory that all girls should wear full Kira. (Of course, it is obvious that the uniform Kira should be worn full, it sounds like it should be ok to wear half Kira on weekends.) But that wasn't the case. There would be a frequent and an ad hoc checking by the teachers and captains. So, none of us used to wear half Kira even during the hot Tsirang's weather. However, all of us (girls) used to secretly dream of wearing half Kira. 
The next year, when I was in Damphu Higher Secondary School, wearing half Kira on weekends wasn't an issue. With utmost joy, I found half Kira is quite comfortable and also easy to put on. 
The years later, when I was to go to College, which on other side is usually seen as an institute where girls will need lots of Kira becau…

Am I becoming unproductive, already?

I’ve never felt good to stay ideally, like never. I don’t use to have that habit of sitting and doing nothing productive. Even at home, though there is no one that I need to feed and take care of, I am always so busy and equally loaded with works.

Sometimes, some of my friends say, ‘why do you hurry so much to get home as if you have the kids to breastfeed?’ The only thing they don’t know about me is that I would always have a series of things that need to be done.
These days, because we are following the winter timing, I get home at around 4:30 pm. ASAP, I get home, I change and freshen up (obvious thing), get a good cup of coffee and clean the rooms. Doing all these would take me about one hour. Then, I would watch the TV show for another hour. Then pray for another half hour or so, prepare supper, read for sometime and watch the BBS news at 9:00 pm. I would then watch movies for two hours, be online for some thirty minutes. And by the time, I think I want to sleep, it already would …

Reflections over my 2016 & 2017 to make a better 2018

I take 2016 as a huge year for me. It was the year that I decided to take-up my current work and regarded myself out from the list of an ‘employment youth.’ Also, for the first time, I had to run my own home though it was cold and empty to be away from parents. Nevertheless, I somehow felt fine.  "Who actually live with their parents the whole life?" No one! I am a grown-up lady and that I gotta be on my own. I felt proud to be living on my own earning and also blessed that my parents can rely on me.
Working as one of the civil servants was huge experience on another hand. It was fun but equally challenging. I still remember how I didn’t even know to write a ‘note sheet.' It was embarrassing at times but I consoled. Nobody is excellent in the beginning.  Associating with the guidance and wisdom of the senior staff, adjusting with the ones who are of my same age but with different perceptions made me get intellectually diversified.
In the same year and the next, I got to t…

Show me the best of her!

When you said, You are leaving me for the best, I pictured a girl, With tenth times the qualities of mine, Big hazel eyes, wide curvy hips, Her name flamed in the air, The girl not ordinarily born, A conqueror, The girl who excites everybody around, And lives in the glass house, I pictured 'her',  Whose looks blinds the colors, and shy-off the flowers,  But tell me what the hell went wrong? She is just so normal, like all the girls around,  Her eyes are not even double-led like mine, Her name is just within the circle, She isn't really a talk, but a diverted topic. And I want to ask you, Where, exactly, is the 'Best' in her? Or have my eyes gone mad? No. No. I accidentally watched her well, She is the average-sized, and nothing phenomenal,  Which provoked me a laugh, And I said, What was the best in her?😂😂😂.