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My dear Tobgay

This long story after a long time😊.
Yes. I love him. I love him so much that I am willing to do anything. I can shed and sacrifice, kneel and beg, and also if he want, I can fade away. If that is what it would make him happy, why wouldn't I be able get disappeared? Infact, I have learned to survive the betrayals and bad assess after I found that I am in love with him and that love grew even more stronger after bedding with him.
It was one year, fours months and three days from now. The day was monotonous but a pleasant one. We had the three day meeting ended with a good note, and that night obviously was the party night. ●●● Hey, by the way, I am Wangmo. I work in one of the private press. He is Tobgay. He recently joined the company as the new chief editor.
He is tall and lanky. His eyes the olive brown and his face gingerly procelined. Sometimes, through a distant view, I used to mistake him for a dashing banker who have just readied for the red carpet walk as a fashion icon.
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My Sandal with his first salary!

Ever remember one of my writings about my the then boyfriend and now my fiancee promising me to buy me a sandal with his first salary? 
That writing was almost three years ago when I was one of the active writers in the facebook page called Writers Association of Bhutan. The write-up has earned a good number of readers and several acknowledgement through comments. 
I have never forgotten that part of my love story because it was firstly very touching. Imagine someone promising to give you something when they are capable. This shows that the person is very determined and focus to achieve his or her goals. Secondly, my boyfriend promising me to gift me something with his first salary while he still was a student shows that he looks forward for always being together with me.I was so happy with his promises not because I am getting a sandal from him but I am being taken into his plans and dreams. What more a girl could ask from her lover than being seen her in his future? I was so proud tha…

CARLEP to Drukair

It’s been merely a week that I left the work I loved the most and joined in another equally exciting job. As a gender and knowledge management officer in CARLEP, I used to love so much about the work nature, especially about having to write a lot. Now as a staff of ticketing and reservation in drukair, it’s exciting to deal with lots of customers. Every day, I get to see new faces, new issues and new resolutions. Everything about everyday is fun yet equally challenging.
On the first day of the new work, my husband told me that every day in drukair is a new learning. I didn’t understand what it meant because I thought that work at everywhere would be just so monotonous, like how it is in almost everywhere. But I got to understand his statement since the first few hours of walking in the office and observing the other staff work.
Each customer comes up with different service need. By the way, hey you, this is not the complain or anything as such. I am humbly writing what I observed in t…

The forever cry.

"Is this all you want?" I finally managed to speak it out. I have never wanted a relationship just to get in bed or someone who only helps to undress me, which is what is exactly happening between us. "Is this all you want between us?" I asked again.
But he didn't answer. Yet I knew he understood what I mean. He has been coming over to my place only when he biologically needed me. It was like once a week or once in two weeks. I was but his bedmate.
Ignoring his ignorance, I ran down my fingers in his naked back which was facing me. It was still wet with the sweats, and I could feel his unsettled heavy breath.
See. I am totally a loser here. Just a moment ago, I felt he is using me just to get inside my pants. I wanted to make it clear that he can't keep going with that pace if he has no love. But the moment I touched his body, I forgot all the hurtful moments.
"Alright, I forgive him," I said in my mind. "He may love me back." I kissed …

Rising up from the scratch

"Yes, I finally agreed to sleep with him." I knew, very well, of the consequences of that decision. I knew it was disgusting, and that nothing can ever recover that damage. Yet, he assured me so well that everything would be right. I could see in his eyes, the starvation and the pledge. It was so genuine that I almost felt he could be true. "Do not worry," He cupped my face in his palm. "I will always protect you." He reassured me again. I didn't react. I knew all of these, the affections for me in his eyes, words and actions at that moment are all lies. I knew all of these will fade away the moment he releases his satisfaction. "I will," he speaks again. This time his voice was thick and husky. "I will consider all the debts." "Enough of the lies." I wanted to scream, scream right in his ears and run away. "But, how could I?" Tears welled up my throats before rolling down from my helpless eyes. "Do not cr…

When Love leads:

"I am never calling him again," I say this everytime my call goes unanswered. But comes the next day, I still can't resist. So I call him again to go my call unanswered again. "It's okay, he must be engaged somewhere," I tell to myself. "He is going to call me soon." But this 'soon' never happens. And finally, I choose to message him which goes unreplied. "It's okay,” I say again, beating my chest with the fist to stop the tears flowing out. “He will reply me when he sees this." ●●●
It's been a couple of months now. Our relationship took a great transformation. It was as if, it has leaped from A-Z without considering the other 24 alphabets in between. "Is he rejecting me already? My subconscious often asks in an unexpected manner. "No, no. This can't be happening." I remind back. You know, every time I get the feeling that he is ignoring me, I perfectly wipe it off. I can't accept the idea of him lea…

Drown in you

Like a jasmine at the touch of the dusk, 
Or like the mixture of mint and the vodka,
How addictive is that?
The smell of your lips? You know, I am melting,
Ofcorse, no, not my physical form,
But this, the aching heart,
Which only beats in your name,
At the sight of you,
Leaning down on me? It is intoxicating, it burns me,
At the heat you make me feel
Warm and comfy, and yet wet,
How do I not get drowned,
In all those pleasures,
Of wanting you even more? Baby, you are sweet,
Like a honey and vanilla,
Your sweats, when I feel it,
Are the another shapes of love,
You have on me,
And I surrender you, my entire being,
Just to get a taste of you. -karma☆.