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Show me the best of her!

When you said, You are leaving me for the best, I pictured a girl, With tenth times the qualities of mine, Big hazel eyes, wide curvy hips, Her name flamed in the air, The girl not ordinarily born, A conqueror, The girl who excites everybody around, And lives in the glass house, I pictured 'her',  Whose looks blinds the colors, and shy-off the flowers,  But tell me what the hell went wrong? She is just so normal, like all the girls around,  Her eyes are not even double-led like mine, Her name is just within the circle, She isn't really a talk, but a diverted topic. And I want to ask you, Where, exactly, is the 'Best' in her? Or have my eyes gone mad? No. No. I accidentally watched her well, She is the average-sized, and nothing phenomenal,  Which provoked me a laugh, And I said, What was the best in her?😂😂😂.
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My happiness, my

Apart from the very insignificant works that I do in the office every day, the significant product I can proudly claim is 

It is a young site. I started it with the intention to learn, paid 3500 for the theme with the help of my friend Ugyen. I had a very little knowledge when I first decided to buy it. I wasn’t even sure if my decision to blog featuring the ‘celebrities’ is a right niche. 
The site is 8 months old now and is in a good shape. It has almost 120 email subscribers. The highest number of the page visitors it got in a day so far is 9,277. The Facebook page I created for the same blog is quite responsive. It has almost 2k followers now. 
So, this, my blog: is a thing of joy to an aspirant blogger like me. The increase in the email subscribers even by one number in a day is a big achievement for me. 
Well, into this journey of maintaining my own self-hosted blog has given me many reasons to smile and equally enough reason to be pissed. However, I cho…

To the lucky girl: take care of him

Hey lucky girl,
I am titling you 'a lucky girl' though I don't know how lucky you would be if he changes his ind like he had when I was in your position I mean when I was his girlfriend. 
Anyway, for now, you're lucky at least in my eyes because I always had and still have the desire to be in the same font as you're now to him. (Only he knows what I have been lacking that was found in you and got me dumped. And only god knows how I repent of permanently giving him my heart just to get it dissolved in between his love and getting broken.)
To rest on his shoulder, to smile looking at his eyes, to rub his hand to make myself warm, to listen to everything he has to say, and to finally wake up from his bed was always my dream that is still incomplete.
In fact, you may not even understand how I wished to be the reason of writing his diary, his profile pictures, his cover page, the reason why he would rush home from the office and why he would frequently lose the concentr…