Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Google Profile

Just Yesterday, as i was having the mail exchanges with my professor from College; Mr. Bhakta Shangshon, the man who is the reason of my everything in college and even after the college, he said me one wonderful thing. He said me to change my google-profile picture because i looked like a teenager in my existing picture. 

My existing profile picture
This was his sincere comment which everyone don't dare to even notice it well. But because my professor has the role to shape me and because he cares about me, he have noticed how my profile picture is appearing and thus has made his good comment over it. 

If i were to retrieve his exact lines, 'Change your profile photo in the email. You look like a high school student. You need to look matured now.' 

See, how nice his comment is! Yes, really, i need to look matured now despite the tiny physiques i am born with. 

You know, i am almost 24. But people around still says i look like a 8th or 10th graded student, which is though quite disappointing. I am working now but people still says 'Are you a student?' 

I really want to look matured because that's what my professor is saying me.  My professor has been more than just a professor especially after my College. He is my guide, mentor and the most, he is my friend. 

He initiates chat in the facebook, asking me if i have been doing good, if i am liking the work i am doing and suggesting me to appear the RCSE. So, he is more like a father and a friend to m. Thank you so much sir. 

And yes, i was scanning down my picture album but couldn't located one good picture that gave a matured looks, at least in my eyes. This could be because, in my mind, i am still so young. My attitude is young. The whole of me feels young though as i said earlier, i am soon going to be 24. 

Anyway, I have chosen the following image to be my profile picture. 

 My new profile picture

I don't know how long this picture will serve as the profile picture. But i am certain that i will get it changed as an when i could capture the old self-version. Thank you my professor. Please take care of yourself and i always will be your student. 


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