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Love from a gentle soul:

 I always get fascinated when I get the love on my writings because writing is the only thing I am truly passionate about.

"A passionate writer." I call myself.
But I often fail to produce one good write-ups owing to my very bad habit of being 'fast and furious.'

"Fast and Furious?"

Yes, I am such a bitch who is very impatient.

I sometimes wonder myself how fast I write and how furiously I hate to proofread it. (It's disgusting! I repeat, it's disgusting because no writers leave their works revisited.) I, in no way, is possessing the very basic quality of naming myself a 'passionate writer.' I write, and, that's it! The draft and the final😉.

Anyway, what is exceptionally exciting on what I write is the genuine love I get from some of my humble readers.

In my life, if I have to choose one thing that I did right, it will be the decision I made in my college time, two years back, that I will put my sweat and blood into 'writings.'

To submit the truth, I never had a good writing skill though I used to read with a mobile light when my Ama complains of not putting the light off when I sleep.

I still get confused with the eight parts of speech, and, that's how I get many of my grammars funny. (Excuse me for that.) I am very poor in vocabularies. Even for a word like 'Starship', I need to refer the dictionary, and, that's why my writings are usually simple, direct and often confusing. (Wink.)  

However, my limited skills and limited knowledge in language never hold me back when it comes to writing particularly because I am committed to it.

Whenever somebody asks me how do I see myself in a few years from now, I always get an image of me wearing big spectacles in oversized trousers with a stopwatch in the front desk, the lamp, and the piles of books walling my room.


"I see myself as a successful woman with a decent job and an adorable child with a faithful husband." I answer them. (Actually, I fear to be that one unique girl from the family and the society, where I will not be married, where I will not become a mother, where I will not experience the dramas the life will give and where I will not end my life like any other women.)

I heavily console my heart to be in the category where I am supposed to be belonging

However, nothing is making me happier than the love I receive from the readers. It's honest. I feel I am been subjected to the rays of hopes and happiness when they shower me with their rains of love.

To admit, I experienced some downfalls, and also received several negative remarks. I even cried at one time when I compared my writings with some other professional writers and found it to be way poor. But the best part is, I equally got cheered and cherished from many people.

One lawyer from West even offered me to be his client as a full-time writer. But since I am already working, I had to decline it.

My previous boss always liked how I write. In the crowd of senior officials, he announced, "Karma writes very well!"

"Huh?" I almost broke down because my boss is a profound writer himself.

It has been a long time I haven’t got to read your read your blog due to my busy works. I am actually already missing it.” A man said to me.

By and by, I received lots of love, among which the love I recently received from Mr. Kencho Tsheten in the form of a comment in my recent posts on 'women farmers' is the one!

He has written,

“Dear Ama,
Ur daughter is a very good writer, with a beautiful heart and pretty smile at her face. All the social media user were following her, coz of her creative writing n capacity in doing story related to social plus point.
She even owns handsome husband, which she cares more n depicts her loyal to her life partner.
Therefore ur daughter is really exemplary in this modern world n I wish I do have a daughter like yours.
Your daughter lover.
Regular follower of her post.
(This is one very beautiful message right?)

I exceptionally felt proud of myself to receive such a lovely comment! And couldn’t stop writing this post. 

Kencho has directed the message to my Ama. But only if she could read, I can't be more proud to see her smile.

Thank you Kencho sir for leaving me your love. And I promise, I will try even harder and write even better.

The ‘Love from a gentle soul’ I said in my title is entirely dedicated to you!


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