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He was one hell of a money lover:

We say, " I want to be employed to serve the Tsa-wa-sum; the king, country and people, but, have we ever realized that it is often not true? (The signatory stands of everyone to serve the Tsa-wa-sum is a second option and almost the 'by-the-way' service.) The truth is, 'I want to be employed to serve myself, my tummy and my needs the first. I want to make hell lots money'
Alright. Nobody is better in compromising for the better money. Definitely and most obviously, everybody would love to have the job that returns with handsome money. I apparently also make sure to know the salary range before I make the mind to try for any exciting jobs.

But luckily, I am not as crazy over money as the man I am going to write-about in this post. And also, to my most reliefs, I also haven't met somebody as crazy over money as him. Well, I understand, if some situations have triggered him to be after money but the way he approached was odd, and it made me write this post. 

Recently, our office has conducted a three-day workshop towards the mid of last month. Around 30 plus participants cordially participated in the event. The DSA and the transportation charges of each participant were to be borne by our office. Coincidently, our office was in the full swing of having the financial closing of the preceding financial year and the new release wasn't received. 

With the regrets in the inconvenience caused, the office apologized and noted the account number of each participant and recorded the total sum liable to deposit into their Accounts. Few weeks passed, the finance section of our office was still deprived of the budget. I received several queries from several participants asking about the status of their TA/DA though I am not really responsible for looking after the financial matters.

Anyway, I passed the queries to our Accountant who worked hard to have it processed asap. And just yesterday, I received another message from one of the participants asking on the same matter. I responded that our Accountant is working on it and we will be able to do the necessary transactions by the mid of this month. 

And to my most disgusting moment, that man’s response to my aforementioned response was, ‘it is unethical to have conducted the workshops on credit.’ 

(‘Oh! Really? I didn’t know if it is unethical but not to forget that we have been doing the same with past several workshops and when the budget, everything was crystally resolved.” I wanted to say.)

Actually, that man’s follow up on his TA/DA bill has immediately taken me to his image of lazily and grumpily sitting on the chair the entire workshop period, which was supposed to be a participatory workshop. Worst to it, he also came at 10; 27 am on the second day of the workshop which was started at 9; 00 am. He came with the smells of liquor, reddened eyes and seemingly swollen face. 

Now, when it is about following up on few thousands of bucks, the same man is almost accusing us of having his TA/DA on pending. I am not sure where all the money that the government has paid him for the last couple years after he joined the civil service is kept to make him do the strict push-up one few thousand travel bills. 

Well, actually, such behaviors are quite hilarious when it is from somebody who is educated and who might have said, I wanted to serve Tsa-wa-sum

Note; I don't have any personal grudge with the man I have described in this post. This post is not meant to be offensive but to remind and reflect ourselves to be responsible, I mean give some thoughts before any action is taken. 

Dear the 'man' of this post, by any chance if you read this, please try to give some reflections because I know you've taken the oath to to be guided by the Civil Service rules ethics and codes of conduct.

Work for money, please do. Follow up the dues and credits, it is your right. But please don’t accuse others claiming to be unethical because the other person is also guided by national rules and ethics. 

As per your demand, I have shared you the contact details of our Accountant. I hope he has convinced you. If not, we also have the Finance Officer. You may directly get in touch with him since the Contact Directory of our Programme is already made avialable with everyone. 
Good luck and we shall meet again for we are working in the same region for the same cause. Take care.


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